Welcome to the Public Square

The Public Square is a blog posted by Allen Drew, pastor of Mt. Airy Community Church (or MACC) in Philadelphia.  Its purpose is to provide a forum in which issues or questions relating to God, faith, meaning, ethics, etc. can be discussed in a productive and thoughtful manner. The name I have chosen is significant.  For much of human history, the public square has been a place where people gathered to hear news, exchange ideas, and ask questions.  Today, these public spaces are becoming harder and harder to find.  The public exchange of ideas has not disappeared, however – it has simply relocated.  Today, more and more of these discussions are taking place online.

My goal, then, is to create a forum where the spirit of the public square can live on.  I will post periodic essays that seek to engage different contemporary issues and I would love to get responses to these postings.

My essays will reflect a Christian perspective (because I am a Christian).  However, this blog is not meant in any way to be a discussion for Christians exclusively.  In fact, that is the last thing I want.  Rather, its purpose is to build dialogue across faith and worldview lines.  It will be far more interesting if it does so.

Ultimately, my desire is that this blog might foster productive discussion over issues of substance that benefits all who are involved.  In particular, I hope that the site will provide a space where my friends and neighbors in Mt. Airy can have an ongoing round table discussion.  Many of us in this neighborhood have small children – so it can be difficult to find time and space to talk deeply.  Hopefully this site will help.

So let’s get going.  I will put up periodic postings, but I encourage friends and neighbors to bring up any additional topics you would like to discuss - you can email me at mt.airycommunitychurch@gmail.com to let me know what you want to talk about.  For topics of particular interest, who knows - we might even plan to get together in person and have a real round table discussion over dinner (maybe at Earth, Bread, and Brewery).

I hope this site is beneficial to everyone who interacts with it – particularly my friends and neighbors in Mt. Airy and at MACC.