Mission, Vision, Values

MACC's Mission (what we want to do)...

We seek to follow the risen Lord Jesus, our savior and king, by pursuing his great commandment and his great commission in our neighborhood and beyond.

MACC's Vision (who we hope to be)...

We want to be a community who, because of God’s ongoing work in our lives, live intentionally, listen humbly, speak truthfully, counsel wisely, serve joyfully, suffer willingly, forgive relentlessly, love unconditionally, and ultimately embody a life together that offers an unmistakable taste of the new creation Jesus has begun through his life, death, and resurrection.

MACC's Values (how we seek to characterize our life together)...

These are all things we want to characterize our life together - but not things we have in any way mastered.  They are pursuits.  Would you be interested in exploring or pursuing them with us?

Jesus is our Way

Jesus is our journey and our pattern.  He is the center of gravity for our lives, drawing us ever inward as we revolve around him.  We seek to orient ourselves around his life, his teaching, and his death and resurrection.  We pursue him through prayer, through the sacraments, and through the writings the church has preserved over the years.

Open hearts & open minds

We want to approach God and one another with a genuine openness to listening, learning, and experiencing real change.  This takes humility and courage, so we do our best to intentionally support one another in it.

Learning to love & be loved

We believe that Jesus’s call to love one another is much deeper than what many of us settle for.  We seek to build a community of honesty, vulnerability, mutual support, and service - a family where no one is forgotten, where there is safety to expose real hurts and failures, where joys and sorrows are shared together, and where we bear one another’s burdens in real life.

Building bridges

We want to be a community that connects people rather than divides them.  We want to build bridges that cross race, ethnic, and class lines with friends and neighbors, with the suffering and forgotten around us, and with the broader church in our area.

Being a blessing

As our lives revolve around the person of Jesus, we want the blessing we receive from him to fill our words and our actions, that they might become wisdom, truth, healing, service, and love in all of our relationships, responsibilities, and activities.

Come and see

Jesus invites all people to come and follow him.  In keeping with this invitation, we want our doors to be open to anyone and everyone.  Wherever you are in life, however you feel, whatever you believe - we invite you to walk with us for a time and experience the person who is changing our lives.