Discipleship Series - Church as Life


Passage: Acts 2:42-47

Hi friends,

This sermon takes a look at the tension between the church's call towards deepening discipleship, spiritual growth, and service/mission to the world around us - and the seemingly increasing busyness of our day to day lives.  Jesus' answer to this tension is very striking - and it plays out in ways that are both radical and profoundly life giving.  

I hope this is helpful.



Discipleship Series - Institution vs Community of Discipleship


Hi friends,

Here is the next sermon in our series on discipleship.  It looks at the tension between the institution of the church and the community of belonging and discipleship that Jesus nurtures.  I hope it is helpful.

Blessings, friends - and may we all keep in prayer the evil that took place in Charlottesville over the weekend, the families that were most directly impacted by it, and the ongoing cancer of white supremacy that perseveres in our nation.