Taking on the Yoke of Jesus - Guest Preacher Rev Charlie Drew


Passage: Matthew 11:1-19, 25-30

Hi friends,

This Sunday, we had a guest preacher for Father's Day - my father, Charlie Drew.  My dad has been a pastor for as long as I have memory and just retired from full time ministry last year.  He still preaches (quite a bit) at different churches, and on this Sunday, he came down to Philly to preach for MACC, after preaching for another church in Manhattan, after leaving a 50th high school reunion in Connecticut at 5am.  Thank you, mom and dad, for spending so much time on the road this Sunday in order to minister to us in this way.  

Charlie's sermon is about what the yoke of Jesus is - and what it is not.  There are many yokes that we place on ourselves or others that wear us down and stress us out that are not actually yokes that Jesus calls us to bear.  The yoke he does call us to bear is a challenging one - but it is also at the heart of where we find our peace.  

I hope you are all blessed the way we were by this message - particularly if you are a person who ever experiences the stress of bearing false yokes ...