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We meet Sundays at 3:00 PM in the Parlor Room of Summit Presbyterian Church at 6757 Greene St, Philadelphia, PA 19119 in the heart of the West Mt Airy. Enter the church through the red doors in the courtyard entrance on Greene St.  Once through the doors, go up one flight of stairs, walk straight down the corridor, and our meeting space is on the right.  There is plenty of free street parking on all surrounding streets.

If you have children ages 5 or younger, there is childcare available in the Weaver's Way Coop Community Room at the corner of Carpenter Lane and Greene Street, just a block from Summit Presbyterian Church.  You can drop your kids off with our childcare providers there before the service, and they will bring them to Summit at the end of the service.

*Important message: Whenever there is a fifth Sunday in a given month, in place of a worship service we meet for a potluck brunch at a member's home or a park.  The timing can be different from the normal service timing.  Please see the front page of this website (or events calendar) to see whether that is happening the Sunday you are planning on attending. You're welcome to join us for the potluck, or wait for a Sunday when we are back at our usual spot.

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Come as you are

We are a church that has its doors open to anyone. Wear what you want, believe what you believe...come just how you are and spend some time with us.

Childcare IS provided on Sundays!

We have two separate children's programs: one group for ages 0-5 and one for ages 6-11. If your child doesn't feel comfortable going and wants to stay with you in the service, we understand that, too!


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