Real testimonies from real people
who want to tell their MACC story

We are Family

"I've been with MACC since the beginning. 'Church' used to refer to where I went on Sunday mornings to worship, but now 'Church' refers to my family here at MACC. This community is a vulnerable group of people who don't have to have it all 'together' and we support each other wherever we all are."

Beyond Organized Religion

"I once believed that any organized religion was a failed, man-made society. Then I came to MACC and saw where my faith was broken and weak, AND God showed me that He is REAL, not a far away, uncaring God. He held me close, taught me to trust in Him again, and my faith was renewed. Coming to MACC was no coincidence. Through true love and acceptance, it is where my journey with God began again."

True Community

"The sense of community that we have felt at MACC is really wonderful. We share life together, carry each other's burdens, cry, celebrate, worship, eat, laugh, and pray together. We love this family!"